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This page is dedicated to working dogs who show how valuable they are for society. Drugs, explosives, croud control, detection of contraband, security, search and rescue ...... endless areas in where dogs show their importance in the area of expertise. They are hero's to us all. Keeping drugs off the street, keeping their handler safe in life threatening situations, and locating explosives before they kill people, it can be any type of area. Breeders like us aim to provide agencies with the dogs who can fill these positions. This page will be updated on regular basis. If you know of a canine story please contact us to add them to the Hall of Fame.  There are many animals who have been awarded the Dickin Medal for Bravery. Lets celebrate the heroes who helps us to keep the world a safer place.


Pinned down by grenade and machine-gun fire from an insurgent, special forces were unable to move during a compound raid in Afghanistan. But four-year-old Kuno leapt into action, tackling the gunman without hesitation to break the deadlock - and change the course of the mission.

(Aug, 2020, Source  BBC)


Conan, the Belgian Malinois who chased down ISIS killer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

(nov 2019, NYTimes)

In 2008, Navy SEAL Will Chesney was introduced to the SEAL canine program, a team of four-footed recruits tasked with saving soldiers’ lives. What Chesney did not realize at that moment was that his canine partner, Cairo, would become instrumental in saving his life both on and off the battlefield.

(April 2020, We are the Mighty)


German shepherd Finn was stabbed and seriously hurt as he protected PC Dave Wardell from an attacker in 2016.

Nicknamed "Finn's Law", the new legislation makes it harder for those who harm service animals to claim they were acting in self-defence.

PC Wardell, who has led calls for the change in the law, said the pair's journey had been "incredible".

Source BBC 

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Officer Reeves & his K9 Jerry Lee from Austall PD threw out first pitch 2022. In 2021 Jerry Lee was shot by a suspect and lost his leg in the line of duty. Just over a year later these heroes are welcomed in Truist Park.

During his time on the force, Rudo aided in the arrest of more than 120 dangerous criminals and assisted in more than 52 explosive and firearms searches.

Rudo also assisted with proactive explosive sweeps for many major events in the region including the NCAA Final Four, Houston Marathons and Texas MS 150 Bike Rides.

(Febr. 2021, KHOU11 Houston Source)


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