The dog you seek as serious handler must have a set of qualities to be able to function in a challenging environment. We select very young. Pups are selected at early age for police / sport/ family home protection . It is recommended that you sign up in time to reserve a pup. Pups that enter our training program will receive training aimed at different aspects of their development. The mental development, their physical development, and sensory development are all taken into account. In order to enter our training program we seek extreme drives combined with a well balanced mind. For a dog to carry extreme drives, they must learn how to cope with their primal drives, and have solid nerves to work through situations that which challenge all their senses. Below you can see the type of dog that you can expect in this bloodline. These are different dogs all carrying the blood of our famous motherline of Noa Te Lindert. It will give you an idea what to expect from our breedingprogram. 

Dino  brn 23586 
Natural courage & heart
not trained but show in his explosive work

KNPV Object National Championship 2018 "Stokstellen Dino te Lindert"

KNPV Object National Championship 2018 "Werp Dino te Lindert"

Rico brn 17117
Offspring JMP Kennels

Dino offspring is known to inherit dark colors.

Dino offspring in training for KNPV PH I

Hippie, a full sister of our Dino, offspring starting bitework


From time to time pups or adolescent dogs available


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