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Passive alert

Passive decoy bite work

After the rag the puppy sleeve is the next step

Gun fire and full suit bitework

Advanced problem solving Cong search

Independent problem solving

Working together in new search scenario

Slippery floors exposure & search for copper pipe

Control extreme drives

Bitework scenario's 

The handler who faces real life threats in homeland security or law enforcement must have a canine beside him or her, with a set of qualities & skills, which are not subdued in a challenging environment. JMPolicedogs' breeding vision is aimed at preserving the old KNPV bloodline of Duco II which excell in extreme environments due to their work ethic and explosive drive level. Pups are selected at early age for our training program, aimed at their future dual purpose police or army special forces work. Their mental, physical, character, drive and sensory development are all taken into account in their first year. In order to enter our training program we seek extreme drives combined with a well balanced mind that can handle new situations and problem solve under pressure. For a dog to carry extreme drives, they must learn to channel the fire within, control it and work as a team with its handler. This takes time as the young dog brain evolves rapidly in their first year. Here are some videos of our training program at various stages with various dogs....



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