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Puppy program

Breeding, caring for the mothers, birth itself and raising the pups we take very seriously. The Early Scent Introduction, socialization and top quality care are the building stones for our puppies. We expose them to all kinds of adventures appropriate for their age. Three days old or 10 wks old, the brain needs an environment in which is can develop to its fullest. JMP is government accredited through my papers as veterinarian technician, and follow the Fairfok guidelines to continue education as a breeder on a yearly basis. We have puppies available from time to time matched by us with the appropriate homes. 


Our puppies are raised in a sensory rich environment. They are born and raised in our livingroom and step by step learn about the big world. First under the guidance of their mom, but after two months they start to investigate the world with us. It is an exciting time, filled with adventures, tuning in to the needs of every individual pup, and allow them to mature at their own rate.

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