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Our young dogs are carefully selected and raised from either our own litters or from a selected group of breeders which use either our studs or breeding females from our bloodline in producing a next generation dual purpose working malinois. They will be available for a department when they are 10 months old.  We also receive regular inquiries for puppies. This year we will have 2 litters, we have a waiting list if you are interested. 


For Sale 2024


USA export notice

Due to new CDC regulation, we can no longer export pups to the USA. Dogs must be at least 6 months old before they can ship to the USA. It is devastating news, but it is outside of our control. 

Upcoming litter

Jipp 34574 x Vala 49869 (daughter of our Dino te Lindert)
Litter due July 4

Depending on the size of the litter we might have a few pups available. 
We will select several pups for our own training program which will be available in 2025 as green dual purpose working malinois.
For updates keep an eye on our Facebook page.


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